ostello salento gallipoli


In Gallipoli, fun is at home. The “pearl of the Ionian”, in fact, is renowned not only for its sea, but also for the nightlife that emanates from every corner and every alley.
Crowds of tourists from all around the world, every summer, flow and flow in rivers through the arteries of the “beautiful city” (it is the meaning of its name in Greek).
Start your evenings with a musical aperitif: you will hear pleasant pre-disco notes coming both from the modern part of Gallipoli, and from its historical center floating on an ancient limestone island. Do not know where to start? Meanwhile, park the car (you will not need it) and get ready for a “rhythmic” walk.

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, choose the “Sunrise”: an elegant cocktail bar in Piazza Giovanni XXIII, ideal for spending your pre or after dinner sitting at the refined tables, in the company of sea and land snacks only for superfine palates.
A few meters away, on Corso Roma, there will be two more cocktail bars: the “Liquor Store”, a place with modern American design, and “Le Cantine Strusi” (in Viale Bovio, a side street of the main street) with a large space outdoors.

Now we cross that bridge that knots the two faces of the laughing locality and we peek into its ancient heart. We are sure that you will feel it throbbing strongly, while you will wander through the evocative streets. The beats never fade, in fact, neither to the “Buena vista” nor to the “Santav√©”: the two lounge bars, on the Armando Diaz Riviera, are real salons over the sea.
But woe to be too seated, so we will think the most popular local DJs to turn on.
Before the time goes off, the one of the wildest dances, you still have some time, so take advantage of it to make a jump to two other pretty little places in the streets of the ancient village.
You will find “heaps” of young people, in fact, huddled in via XXIV Maggio at the gates of the “Blanc”, lounge bar and live concert theater.

Now it’s time to get the car back, “night life” direction. At least three discos are on the seafront Galileo Galilei: “Praja”, “Samsara” and “Zen”.
If the first one is just across the Ionian Sea that bathes and gives light to the holiday center, the other two (a little further on, in the “Baia Verde” area) are seaside establishments that, at night, put umbrellas and sunbeds away to make room to your wild dances.

Here life continues until sunrise, as well as on the hill of San Mauro which acts as a natural backdrop to one of the most famous discos of Salento, “Rio Bo”. Fashion environments, elegant private rooms, theme nights (house music, commercial, fun), all just about 8 km from the city center, on the provincial road Lido Conchiglie – Sannicola.

If you are looking for a self-sufficient resort from the point of view of fun, then, Gallipoli is the right choice because everything is concentrated within a few kilometers.

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