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Gallipoli’s Nightlife

It was and remains the beautiful city that announced the Greek name Kalè polis. Its clubs, its beaches are always crowded, from the first light of the morning at night: enough to be by far the most trendy resort of Salento.

There is in fact no other locality in Salento able to entertain visitors like Gallipoli. A city that never stops: it slows down its pace only in the early hours of the day when the kids are still asleep after the early hours. Starting from the aperitif, there are numerous bars, an American bar and a wine bar where you can enjoy an excellent cocktail or a glass of wine accompanied by local specialties, listening to music and admiring the beauty of the sea, the luxurious green of the pinewoods or the whiteness of the shores of Gallipoli.

The hottest gallipoline night begins at midnight when a “sea” of people crowds the streets of the city. Here you chat, laugh, drink and then decide how and where to continue the evening. The alternatives are many: the RR.PP. of the discotheques offer invitations to parties of all kinds able to satisfy even the most exigents musical tastes.

In addition to the discos, located in locations of great charm, you can decide to continue the evening at the beach, dancing by the sea. In fact, the beaches of the city, which during the day are crowded with people coming and going between sunbeds, sun creams and beach tennis, are transformed into fine dance sand at night. Discarded the paillette bikinis and the matching sarongs with which you take the aperitif, you wear the evening dress to dance until dawn. The night flows quickly and soon it is time to have breakfast with hot brioches freshly baked. The night is over, a new day to discover this paradise is about to begin …

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