Hostel Rules

Guests are invited to view the Regulations

Admission to the hostel entails full acceptance for the Guests and consequent compliance with these Regulations.


  1. Upon arrival, present yourself at the check-in for the individual registration, delivering an identity card or passport;
    o During the stay, occupy only the room and / or the assigned bed and the relative locker, all numbered and personal;
    o Observing the hostel timetable during the stay and actively collaborating to respect order and cleanliness;
    o On their departure, return everything that was delivered to you on arrival, and you must leave the room in the same condition as it was delivered, including the corresponding equipment.
    o It is not possible to stay beyond the seventh day from check-in


  1. The Hostel observes this timetable:
    o Check-in: from 14.00 onwards
    o Check-out: 10.30
    The availability of staff is guaranteed 24h.
    The prices are visible at the reception and on the website


  1. The payment of the stay must be done in advance at check-in.
    The amount of the reservation will be charged upon arrival at the hostel.

All information sent is treated according to the current legislation on Privacy.

Cancellation policy:
• Cancellations made 3 weeks prior to arrival will incur a charge of 30% of the entire stay;
• Cancellations made 2 weeks prior to arrival will incur a charge of 40% of the entire stay;
• Cancellations made 1 week before arrival will result in a charge of 60% of the entire stay;
• Cancellations made one day before arrival and in case of No show will result in the total booking charge.
Cancellations can be made exclusively by email ( or by registered mail addressed to – Via Pirelli n. 2 – 73011 Alezio (LE).
Telephone cancellations are not allowed.


  1. For reservations in case of changes to the period of stay will not be refunded the deposit paid in advance.


  1. The costs of the transfers and the related timetables are regulated separately and displayed in the reception.
    6. If the Guest wishes to extend the stay, he must inform the reception staff by 10:00 am of the day before the scheduled departure, in order to obtain information about the availability of rooms or beds for the following days.
  2. The Guest who does not provide to free the room and / or the bed and the locker by 01:00 on the day of departure must also pay for the next night, being able to use them in case of payment made, always save the availability of the room or bed.
  3. Potential Guests without reservation can be accepted by the reception staff subject to availability and existing reservations.
  4. Can not be hosted at the hostel:
    o Persons without a valid identity document
    o People in a state of confusion or, in any case, not in conditions of perfect sobriety and cleanliness.


  1. It is not allowed to host non-registered persons in the rooms; entry into rooms other than the one assigned is not allowed; no change of rooms and / or even temporary beds is allowed.
  2. Guests must use the furniture, equipment, rooms for common use and any other furnishings of the hostel, as well as services for energy consumption (water, heating and electricity), with the utmost respect for all other guests, using the diligence of the good father of a family. Guests who cause any damage will have to compensate in full.
  3. Guests can not absolutely lay wet or damp laundry in the room. If they wish, they are available (for free), drying rack for external drying.
  4. Guests can not light fires of any kind and medium inside the rooms. The transgression will be punished with a minimum charge of € 30.00.


  1. Guests can not sleep with wet hair. In case of violation, the cost of the 10.00 € pillow will be immediately debited on the receipt.
  2. The Guests will keep in all the internal and external environments of the hostel a behavior appropriate to community life and, therefore, inspired by mutual respect and good education; in the hostel it is in particular forbidden:
    o Perform political propaganda in any way;
    o Using drugs of any kind, smoking or abusing alcoholic beverages;
    o Inappropriately use individual or collective furniture, equipment and furnishings
    o Introduce animals.
  3. Behavior contrary to the law, to the regulations or to the rules of civil living, may constitute grounds for expulsion from the hostel, without prejudice to any legal actions aimed at prosecuting the violations committed in the appropriate legal offices.
  4. Guests accompanied by minors or who are responsible for organized groups will be responsible, even legally, for the behavior and respect of the rules of the hostel also, respectively, for minors and members of their group.
  5. Any complaints or disruptions must be reported immediately to the appropriate personnel or to the management.
  6. The hostel and its legal representative do not assume any responsibility for damage or theft to things stored inside, nor the objects left in the vehicle and vehicles parked inside the hostel, as well as for injuries caused by an act or fault of the Guest.


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