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Samsara Beach

Samsara Beach Gallipoli (Le): 29/3 opening, Easter, Easter Monday, April 25th, May 1st … every Sunday afternoon is beach party! Events in Lecce
“Samsara Beach is the hottest beach in Salento, and of all the universe (including islands.) It is the destination chosen for dream holidays by those who work and study for the whole year with the only purpose of getting here and touching the sky with their hands. The recipe for the perfect days and nights of this Beach experience is simple: staff, DJs and guests smile, they want to enjoy the party atmosphere that you can only breathe in. You can jump or relax, depending on the time of day, but you can still do it at Samsara.There is no need to do anything else at the Samsara. Absolute protagonists are the sun, the sea and the unspoiled nature of the Salento: at Samsara Beach Sensation you live like a dream. Samsara turns into an open-air disc to dance until the morning, as well an amazing lights system, a sky of postcard stars, with his music DJs create an incredible atmosphere , successes of the moment and the best house in an incredible mix , unique, that blows for hours! It’s the sound of Salento, the one that is making Italy dance … But it’s only here, the place where every night is created, which becomes the perfect soundtrack for crazy nights with friends. An unbelievable amount of balloons, mojitos, beer and inviting fruit dishes arrive from the bar. You dance in costume, starting at sunset and with non stop anymore, throughout the summer. The problem is that at some point it is time to go home and the charm disappears. For the summer 2018 the staff collaborates with some of the most important places of Salento and makes its guests dance even at night. ”